Conference Program

2nd Nuba Mountain Languages Conference

2ème Colloque sur les Langues des Monts Nouba




Wednesday 27th August, 2014

20h00 / Optional dinner with the participants (place to be confirmed)



Thursday 28th August, 2014

9h00-9h30 / Registration

9h30-10h30 / Welcome Speech by Nicolas Quint and the hosting and funding institutions


10h30-11h00 / Coffee Break


11h00-12h00 / Keynote AddressLost in translation: understanding the Nuba as a movement between epistemic territories, from difference into sameness, from contingency into continuity, Leif Manger (University of Bergen)


12h00-13h30 / Lunch


1st Session - Chair: Pascal Boyeldieu

13h30-14h00 / An Initial Phonology of Tagoi, Abeer Bashir (University of Khartoum)

14h00-14h30 / Note on Heiban /  Ebang morphosyntax Thilo Schadeberg (Leiden University)

14h30-15h00 / Ideophones in Moro, Angelo Naser (Moro Language Committee) and Sharon Rose (University of California, San Diego)


15h00-15h30 / Coffee Break


2nd Session - Chair: Sharon Rose

15h30-16h00 / Case Markers and Clause Linkers in Taglennaa, Gumma Ibrahim (independent researcher)

16h00-16h30 / Case Inflection in Koalib: Discovering the Rules, Georgi Boychev (independent researcher), Claire Gardent (LORIA - CNRS), Nicolas Quint (LLACAN - CNRS)

16h30-17h00 / Education in the Nuba Moutains Abdallah Komi Kodi (independent researcher)


17h00-17h30 / Coffee Break


17h30-18h00 / Meeting : Towards a Scientific Association dedicated to the study of Nuba Mountain Languages  



Friday 29th August, 2014

9h30-10h30 / Keynote Address : Nuba Mountain Verb Extensions in African PerspectiveLarry Hyman (University of California, Berkeley) 

10h30-11h00 / Coffee Break


3rd Session - Chair: Abeer Bashir

11h00-11h30 / “The Moro language”: Institution, socialization and gendered practice, Siri Lamoureaux (Max Planck Institute)

11h30-12h00 / The  Nuba cultural heritage as an inspiration tool for contemprary paitings Sefedin Kwomi (independent researcher)

12h00-12h30 / A Sociolinguistic Survey of Tagoi Speakers, Fatima Idris (University of Khartoum)


12h30-14h00 / Lunch


4th Session - Chair: Gerrit Dimmendaal

14h00-14h30 / An Unified Analysis of Katcha Nominal Modifiers, Darryl Turner (University of Edinburgh)

14.30-15h00 / There is more than one way that leads to Rome, orː How to convey properties in TabaqBirgit Hellwig and Gertrud Schneider-Blum (Univerity of Cologne) 

15h00-15h30 / Adnominal Proclitics and their Independent Forms in Lumun, Heleen Smits (Leiden University) 


15h30-16h00 / Coffee Break


5th Session - Chair: Peter Jenks

16h00-16h30 / Questions in the Unycu language, Jade Comfort (Leiden University)

16h30-17h00 / Language uses and language attitudes among Tabaq people living outside the Nuba Mountains, Khalifa Jabreldar (independent researcher)

16h30-17h00 / Verbal number in Taglennaa (Kordofan Nubian), Ali Ibrahim (independent researcher), Gumma Ibrahim (independent researcher) and Angelika Jakobi (University of Cologne) 


19h00 / Social Dinner in Paris



Saturday 30th August, 2014

9h30-10h30 / Keynote Address Current Linguistic Research on Nuba Mountains languages: Results and New Questions, Mechthild Reh (University of Hamburg)


10h30-11h00 / Coffee Break


6th Session - Chair: Suzan Alamin

11h00-11h30 / Terms of address in Tabaq (a Hill Nubian language), Khaleel Ismail (University of Dilling)

11h30-12h00 / An Overview of Koalib Noun Classes, Nicolas Quint (LLACAN, CNRS) and Siddig Ali Kokko Kurmal (independent researcher)

12h00-12h30 / A two-stage model of word formation in Tima, Gerrit J. Dimmendaal and Gertrud Schneider-Blum (University of Cologne)


12h30-14h00 / Lunch


7th Session - Chair: Angelika Jakobi

14h00-14h30 / Word order and agreement in Tagoi, Suzan Alamin (University of Jedda)

14h30-15h00Verbal and nonverbal copular clauses in Moro, Peter Jenks (University of California, Berkeley)


15h00-15h30 / Coffee Break


8th Session - Chair: Thilo Schadeberg

15h30-16h00 / The verbal morphology of Daju languages with special focus on Laggorí and Shatt, Pascal Boyeldieu (LLACAN, CNRS) and  Stefano Manfredi (University of Naples 'L'Orientale') 

16h00-16h30 / Miri Verbal Structure: A Typological Perspective, Nada Sukkar (University of Khartoum)


16h30-17h00 / Meeting with Nuba civil society associations

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